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Over the past decades, we have seen an increase in violent acts occurring inside schools. These terrible events have led to many injuries and deaths, all while creating immense fear for students who strive to gain an education. To keep students safe and comfortable inside Arizona education facilities, it is vital that school boards—whether private, public, or charter—implement the protection required to stop threats.

At Resource Officers LLC, we offer various resource officer placement services for educational facilities to help keep their students safe from harm. Our school resource officers are highly trained in all aspects of protecting students and are sure to make an excellent addition to your team. Furthermore, we also offer staff emergency training so everyone can be ready in case of an emergency situation.

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School Resource Officers

School resource officers are an essential part of the school system. Our officers are responsible for promoting a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, and staff by providing a visible presence, deterring crime, and responding to emergencies. We can also act as mentors, role models, and educators, helping to create a positive school climate. Our team is often the first line of defense in identifying, intervening, and responding to potential threats of violence or other criminal activity. We also provide guidance and support to students, faculty, and parents on matters involving law enforcement, drug prevention, and other issues that affect the school community. School resource officers are invaluable resources for schools and the communities they serve.

Benefits Of Implementing School Resource Officers

  • Provides a visible presence of a School Resource Officer in the school environment
  • Provides an increased sense of safety and security for students, staff, and visitors
  • Helps to create a safe and secure learning environment
  • Officers act as positive role models and mentors for students
  • We provide an immediate response to violent or criminal situations
  • Our team can support school staff
  • We can help promote awareness of laws and regulations among students
  • We can provide education on violence and safety measures
  • Enables the school to better respond to school violence

Active Violence Emergency Response Training

Active Violence Emergency Response Training for Schools is an invaluable tool for staff and students in the event that an active shooting occurs. It is designed to prepare them for such an emergency and provide them with the knowledge and skills to take action to protect themselves and others. This training can include instruction on recognizing pre-attack indicators and warning signs, how to respond to an active shooter, emergency response protocols, evacuation procedures, and post-incident procedures. It is important to ensure that all staff and students have the proper training to prevent further harm and create a safe environment for everyone.


Time is of the essence when it comes to keeping students safe during emergencies. Some of the following statistics go to show just how crucial it is to have a resource officer placed inside your school.

In a study of 65 US workplace and school shootings, the fastest police response time noted in events was 5 to 6 minutes, with most taking much longer (Deitz, 2014).

The average on-site response time for law enforcement in active shooter events is 3 minutes (FBI, 2013). But the effective response time (entry and location) is often 7-9 minutes!

The only way to guarantee a fast response (under 120 seconds) is to have on-site SROs.

Being prepared for the worst-case scenarios that could one day strike your school is vital. Sadly, the risk of facing a violent encounter is real, and being prepared and knowing how to handle the situation correctly is a matter of life and death. With the help of our school emergency response training courses and our resource officer placements, you can help ensure the safety of your students and staff!

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