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We are a leading provider of comprehensive safety solutions for private charter and public schools in Glendale and across Arizona. With a dedicated focus on school security and a commitment to making our communities safer, we offer a range of services that set us apart in the industry.

At Resource Officers LLC, our core offering is the placement of highly trained School Resource Officers (SROs) on school campuses. Our SROs are licensed professionals who serve as a visible presence, deterring crime and responding swiftly to emergencies. They act as mentors, role models, and educators, fostering a positive school climate and building strong relationships with students, faculty, and staff.

What truly sets Resource Officers LLC apart is our rigorous vetting process and proprietary SRO training series. We understand the paramount importance of providing schools with SROs who possess the right skills, knowledge, and mindset to ensure student safety. Through our meticulous screening process, we partner with local licensed and insured security firms and select only the most qualified professionals. These SROs then undergo our specialized training series, equipping them with the expertise needed to handle diverse situations and act decisively during active violence emergencies.

In addition to our SRO placement services, we offer comprehensive emergency response training for school staff. We believe that being prepared for worst-case scenarios is essential, and our training courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to a wide range of emergencies. From recognizing potential threats to implementing evacuation procedures, our training empowers staff members to protect themselves and students.

With Resource Officers LLC as your trusted partner, you gain access to a holistic approach to school safety. Our team works closely with school administrators, local law enforcement, and community stakeholders to create a secure learning environment. We prioritize communication, coordination, and teamwork, ensuring that all aspects of safety and security are addressed comprehensively.

Choose Resource Officers LLC to elevate your school's safety standards. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service and empowering schools with the tools they need to keep students and staff safe. Let us be your partner in creating a secure educational environment that fosters growth, learning, and peace of mind.

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